Diagnostic imaging

The diagnostic department of the Academic Center of Medicine has the following diagnostic divisions:
  • 3T magnetic resonance imaging,
  • computed tomography,
  • ultrasonography,
  •  radiography (digital, including dental).
Our devices guarantee an access to the highest quality diagnostic tests. We provide professional and safe examination in a comfortable environment. Experienced specialists in radiology prepare descriptive analysis.
The 3T magnetic resonance device enables detection even of the smallest lesions that leads to early diagnosis of diseases.

Reception Desk

Reception Desk:
(Office Hours: 7:30 am - 6:00 pm)

T: +48 22 559 24 26
F: +48 22 559 24 25
E: rejestracja@akcemed.pl


Academic Center of Medicine
Bobrowiecka 9 Street ("B" Building)
00-728 Warsaw


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