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Spinal X-ray

The examination is performed due to doctor’s orders.
Preparation for the examination:
To obtain a clear image of lumbosacral spine, all the gases and stool masses must be removed from gastrointestinal tract. The day before the examination, a patient should:
  • consume liquid food and without dietary fibre, avoid fresh vegetables and fruit, bran, grains and bread,
  • on the day of examination, come on an empty stomach,
  • the day before the examination take 2 Espumisan capsules and 1 Bisakodyl pill 3 times a day, and the day of the examination – 2 Espumisan capsules in the morning.

Reception Desk

Reception Desk:
(Office Hours: 7:30 am - 6:00 pm)

T: +48 22 559 24 26
F: +48 22 559 24 25
E: rejestracja@akcemed.pl


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