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EEG - Electroencephalography

The examination is performed due to doctor’s orders.

Preparations for the examination:
There is no necessity of taking other medical tests before. During the last 24 hours before the examination, you should not take any medicaments stimulating or inhibiting central nervous system. Before the examination you should not drink any alcohol and drinks with caffeine (strong coffee, coke, strong tea). You should appear at the examination after light meal, to avoid falling of blood sugar level. Wash your hair before the test. Do not use any conditioners, hair creams, sprays or styling gels. A patient should come relaxed and well-rested.

Description of the examination:
The examination is conducted in a lying or sitting position. From 16 to 24 electrodes are attached to your scalp in places according to the international convention. In the indicated places, the head’s skin is scrubbed with alcohol or petroleum ether. To improve electric conduction, the surface of the electrodes is covered with special gel or cream. During the examination, a patient should relax and not move. There are certain methods influencing brain’s electrical activity, so a patient may be asked to open and close their eyes, hyperventilate for 3-4 minutes (30-40 deep breaths in a minute). It can also be a photostimulation – using flashes of different frequency (during this test, a patient has closed eyes), physiological dream research. Rarely, pharmacological substances are administered. An examination takes up to 60 minutes. The result is in the form of description and a graph with brain’s electrical activity recorded.
The EEG DigiTrack appliance, which we possess, has the acquisition of 32 channels. During an examination signals from all the electrodes are collected.  Thus, it is possible to observe and print the results as a diagram of different values set even after the examination. 

Information that should be reported to the examining person:
Before the test: all the medicaments being taken.
During the test: all the sudden abnormal symptoms (e.g.: headaches, dizziness, sleepiness).

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Reception Desk:
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