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Abdominal ultrasound

The examination is performed due to doctor’s orders.
Preparation for the examination:
The day before the examination keep to light, not causing flatulence diet without fizzy drinks. Up to six hours before the examination, you should be fasting and avoid fizzy drinks. You should not smoke. The day before the examination, you should take antiflatulent drugs, e.g. Espumisan (3 capsules 2 times a day) or Ceolat (2 capsules twice a day). On the day of the examination, in the morning, take 3 Espumisan capsules or 2 Ceolat pills (only if there are no doctor’s restrictions). One hour before the examination you have to drink 1 litre of still water and not pass urine. The examination requires full bladder (only in case of obstetric ultrasonography; while abdominal organs imaging, you should avoid drinking). It allows examining organs (especially pelvis minor) properly by using “acoustic window”, which happens with full bladder. Before transvaginal ultrasound, you have to pass urine. However, after the 11th week of pregnancy, there is no need to prepare prior to the examination.

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